Poster Presentations

The Poster Session will be from 2:00-3:00 in LSBE 125.

Poster Presenters are welcome to format their posters in the way that works best for their content. The Linguistic Society of America offers guidelines on poster format and arrangement, which can be found here:


Laura Raichel, UMD, “Inclusion of Communicative Competence in Medical and Educational Speech Language Intervention Plans for Individuals Who Use Augmentative and Alternative Communication”

Bridget Erickson, Tyler Friesen, & Jaron Rief, UMD, “TRAP Raising and LOT Fronting in Duluth English”

Daniel Brodkin, Carleton, “Sorba Lirtaba: Anti-Faithfulness and Contrast Preservation in a Minangkabau Ludling”

Grace Mertz, St. Cloud, “Acoustic Correlates of Lexical Stress in Central Minnesotan English”

April Bailey, UMTC, “The Linguistic Implications of Bel Canto Technique”

Lucas Strom, UMTC, “Accent Modification in English Music”

Kai Matsubara-Rall, Carleton, “Pick and Choose: Classifying the Ergative Case in Lhasa Tibetan”

Brianna Wilson, Grinnell, “Negation and Ability Verbs in Iquito”

Anny Lei, Carleton, “Japanese Relative Clauses: No as a “Puppet” Head Noun”

Brody Dingel, Iowa State, “Organization of Vocabulary in L2 Spanish Textbooks: Semantic Relationships Within and Between Vocabulary Lists”

Kristen Rokke, UMTC, “Neutralization in the Speech of Puerto Ricans in Minnesota”

Lydia Ding, Carleton, “Where’s Why?: On the Non-Existence of Why-Clefts in Nukuoro”

Yitong Chen, Carleton, “Case Stacking as a Post-Syntactic Operation”